Mr. List Isn't Evil


Saddle up

Watch: Jack - episode 7: Horse Shoes

Jack loves riding and roping and all the other things you can do on a ranch. But sometimes he loves them too much and forgets about his other responsibilities. Watch the video and notice how Jack makes choices related to his important list of chores.

Barn talk

as Jack responsible or irresponsible in this episode? Why or why not?

Take a ride

Jacks loves all the things he can do on the ranch so much that he has a hard time finishing his list of chores. But eventually he is very responsible. And even though it didn’t always work for Jack, having a list is a good way to be responsible – it reminds you of the things you need to do.

You’ll need

  1. Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Colored Markers
  4. Tape


  1. Explain to children that they will be making lists, just like Jack did.
  2. Have them come up with two or three things that they can put on their lists – and make them integral to the place where you are gathered (e.g., helping to clean off the tables, emptying the wastebaskets, sharpening pencils, sharing a snack).
  3. Have children put their names on their lists and use either words or drawings to represent the chores they will do. Then have them put their lists up in the room where everyone will be able to see them.
  4. Set a timeframe and have children cross things off their lists as they complete them – they’ll like the feeling of whittling that list down, just like Jack. Consider offering some kind of group reward when everyone's finished their lists.

Ride some more

In Gear up and Go!, players make decisions about the proper gear to wear in a variety of horse riding events.

Horses and standards

Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies – Responsible Decision-Making Standard 5C. Individual applies problem-solving skills to engage responsibly in a variety of situations.

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