Horse History Timeline


Saddle up

Watch: Anna - episode 1: Ticking Clock

When Anna says she’s a “horse-crazy girl,” she really means it. She LOVES all kinds of horses and talks about many different kinds in this episode. Notice the different kinds of horses she tells us about and the way she describes them.

Barn talk

What kinds of horses does Anna talk about in this episode? Which of those kinds of horses is your favorite? Why do you especially like that one?

Take a ride

In this episode, Anna talks about American Quarter Horses, Arabian Stallions and Thoroughbreds. Well, the funny thing is that Arabians and Thoroughbreds played a big role in the Quarter Horse’s history.

You’ll need

  1. Long roll-out strip of paper or lots of room at a blackboard or whiteboard.
  2. Colored markers and/or chalk.


  1. Break the children into small teams so they can collaborate.
  2. Have each team draw a timeline with four steps on it – 1500’s, 1600’s, 1800’s, NOW.
  3. Discuss the following with the children and then have them draw pictures at the correct points on their timeline to represent this information:

    • The Spanish brought horses, including Arabian Stallions, by ship to North American (1500s).
    • English colonists crossed the English Thoroughbreds they’d brought to North America with some of the horses who were already here (including the Arabians). These new horses are great at working on farms and racing. (1600s)
    • The pioneers brought those horses to the American West where they bred with other horses. These new horses had lots of “cow sense” and were great at working with cattle on ranches. (1800s)
    • Today the great-great-great grandkids of those horses are known as American Quarter Horses. They work on ranches, are used for riding and in rodeos and horse shows. (NOW)

Ride some more

Throughout history horses have had a lot of interesting names. Challenge students to play The Name Game! to see what new ones they can invent.

Horses and standards

History-Social Science Content Standards: Students differentiate between things that happened long ago and things that happened yesterday.

Download PDF printable version of lesson plan (256KB)