Bad News


Saddle up

Watch: Grace - episode 3: How Many Rabbit's Feet...?

Grace is thrilled to compete in her very first horse show. But then she gets some surprises – surprises involving a rabbit’s foot and her trainer! Watch the videos and see how Grace reacts when she doesn’t have some of the help she thought she’d have at the horse show.

Barn talk

What is Grace missing at the horse show? How do you think that made her feel? Do you think she’ll still be able to compete in the horse show?

Take a ride

Grace got some bad news when she found out that her trainer, Ellie, couldn’t be at the horse show with her. But she also doesn’t want to drop out of the horse show. So she has to make friends with the situation and do her best.

You’ll need

  1. Just the kids.


  1. Break children into pairs.
  2. Tell them they will role-play the phone call that Grace and Ellie had in the video (and if boys want male names, they can be “George” and “Eddie”!).
  3. Have the children who are playing Ellie/Eddie try to think of ways to share the bad news but still make Grace/George feel encouraged to participate in the show. If kids have a hard time with this, brainstorm it as a group before you do the role plays.
  4. Have the children perform the role plays for the group. Then have each pair switch roles and do the role-play again.
  5. Discuss – What’s it like to get bad news? What’s it like to reassure someone that things will still be OK?

Ride some more

Kids can follow up with the large game, Hoof Stuff with Doc Pal to learn how Doc Jennifer Pal solves problems related to horse care. Beware her trusty sidekick, Slim, who does not always offer the correct answers.

Horses and standards

Social and Emotional Learning Core Competencies – Self-Management Standard 2B. Individual demonstrates the skills to set, monitor, adapt, achieve and evaluate goals.

Download PDF printable version of lesson plan (130KB)