The AQHA “Take Me Riding” (TMR) video series is meant to be fun and to get young children interested in having horses in their lives. The series also offers something else – it can serve as a springboard for all kinds of additional learning, whether it’s after school, before school or even during school.

The following activities are all rooted in the adventures of Anna, Jack and Grace – the three children who are the heroes of the TMR videos. Each activity starts by having children view selected TMR episodes. Then there are conversation prompts to get children thinking and talking, a fun and engaging something-to-do and additional resources that can extend the learning. Not only that, but the activities also correlate with learning standards* in Social and Emotional Learning, Language Arts, Math, Science and History. So children can learn while they play… and while they dream about emulating the TMR kids and riding a horse themselves. And each one comes with Ride Some More suggestion for TMR interactive games that kids can play in school or later when they are at home with their families to extend the learning from the day.

Be sure to check out Junior Master Horseman for more learning (or teaching) resources, activities, information about joining in on the fun with horse breed organizations and more!

Lesson Plans