Show Your Breyer Models!

You can compete for rosettes and trophies with models!

It’s easy to show your Breyer models horses!  Just like in the real horse world, model horses compete in “halter” and “performance” divisions, with the opportunity to win ribbons, trophies and year-end awards.  
A halter horse is judged on how closely it matches the breed standard for the class, whether it is for an American Quarter Horse class, an Arabian class or a Clydesdale class.  The conformation of the model must make it look like a good representative of the breed.  In model shows, if there are several models of “Misty” in the Pony class, then the additional criteria of model condition is important – the best in the class will have no scratches or rubs and will have an especially nice paint finish.  Since each Breyer model is hand-painted, there are variations, so pick the neatest, richest colors for your show models and make sure they are well dusted! 
Performance showing is possibly the most interesting, fun, and interactive part of model horse showing.  This is where you can put all those wonderful Breyer tack and accessory items to the test!  The horses are judged as if the set-up is a snap shot of the action, so accuracy is important as well as tack fit and proper placement of the horse and any obstacles.  Here are a few examples of winning model performance horses. 

Most Halter classes don’t actually require a halter on the model.  Here, a winning Peruvian horse model  showcases correct conformation and a beautiful original finish coat color with no blemishes. 
Photo Credit:  Jennifer Buxton

This western trail horse is doing his job well.  He is wearing correct tack for the event and his rider is in proper position for the class.  A winner!
Photo Credit:  Robin Briscoe

This hunter entry is a good one.  The tack, rider and type of fence are correct for the class, and the horse has been placed the correct distance away from the fence – he looks like he will jump the fence from a correct take-off point.  If the model was placed too close or too far away from the jump, he might chip in or knock down a rail.  Here, he looks good! This entry is even more amazing since it is a Breyer Stablemates model – only 3” tall!
Photo Credit:  Sarah Grace Necco

A Parade horse  is perfect for “other performance” classes.  The Saddlebred horse is appropriate for the class, the tack is well-fitting and the rider is positioned properly. 
Photo Credit:  Lindy Pinkham

A winning Eventing entry collects a coveted rosette and trophy plaque at the North American Nationals Championships.
Photo Credit:  Jennifer Al-Beik

A bull riding scene allows for lots of action and creativity.  This competitor explains the accuracy of the scene with a card that shows what really happens in the sport of bull riding.
Photo Credit:  Sommer Prosser

A table full of trophies, ribbons and Breyer models to be won!
Photo Credit:  Breyer

To find a model horse show in your area, go to BreyerFest, held every July at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, is also a great place to learn about model horse showing, tack making and customizing.  Go to for more information!