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Hey parents! Use this tool to find trainers, locations, events, and even riding centers near you, where you can take your family horseback riding!

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Finding a riding instructor can be an overwhelming experience to parents new to the wonderful world of horses. Below are a few of the key things to consider when looking for that first riding instructor. First and foremost, you, or your child that wants to ride, should learn basic horsemanship skills before moving on to more advanced riding, competitions, or horse ownership. Everyone will have different factors that will direct the rider to their final choice.  Luckily, Take Me Riding’s partners have been down this path already, and we have everything you need to know before contacting a riding center!

Here are things you should consider before calling a riding instructor you find on the Take Me Riding Horse Finder map.

  • What type of instruction is offered and what riding style is promoted?
  • How long are the lessons and what is the instructor’s intent for the lessons given?
  • What are the costs and are packages available?
  • Is the instructor insured and who are they insured by?  (Feel free to call the insurance company to inquire more if you wish).
  • What are the rules at the stable?
  • What type and breed of horses are used at the stable? Are they first time rider type horses or are they for helping more seasoned riders learn advanced maneuvers?
  • When you visit, is the stable clean, organized and well managed?
  • How does the instructor manage safety precautions when kids are around horses?
  • How adaptable is the riding instructor to their teaching methods? 
  • When you visit, does the riding instructor show patience and allow for the child to learn at a comfortable pace?
  • Ask for other client information to get reviews.  This is no different than finding a piano lesson teacher or soccer program!


Do you want to find more questions from a qualified horse educational resource?  Check out this article from the Certified Horsemanship Association!