Hoof Care

The hoof is one of the most important parts of a horse’s body. It is also a part that needs daily care. Every day small rocks, dirt, and even bedding get trapped against a horse’s hoof. If these objects are not picked away, the horse can get an infection.

Jack says:

 A “hoof pick” is a sharp metal tool that you use to clean your horse’s hooves.

A horse’s hoof is actually made of several parts. These parts include the walls, the sole, and the frog.

Grace says:

The frog is the v-shaped part of the hoof. The frog’s job is to eat the horseflies. Only kidding. The frog’s job is to act as a cushion each time the hoof hits the ground. It also pumps blood up the horse’s leg. Be sure to stay clear of it when picking a horse’s hoof.

Saddle Smarts

Question: What do I do if my horse’s hoof has a problem?

Answer: Call the farrier.
A farrier is a specialist in hoof care. A farrier trims hooves and fits them for horseshoes. They are equal parts blacksmith and vet.

Did You Know:

Your horse’s feet continue to grow in size until your horse is 6 years old.