Grooming is more than just keeping your horse clean. Grooming is a way for you to get to know your horse’s coat and skin. This will also help you know when something is wrong and needs attention. Grooming is not a chore but a special time when you and your horse learn to trust each other and form a bond.

Jack says:

Never use anything other than your hands or a soft towel when grooming a horse's face.

Saddle Smarts:

Question: Can I use my hairbrush to clean my horse’s coat? 

Answer: Not unless you want a broken brush and a dirty horse! To properly groom your horse, you need a kit of special tools that have specific jobs. 

Here are some common grooming tools:

  • Curry comb – a rubber comb used to remove sweat and massage the skin.
  • Dandy brush - a hard-bristled brush used to remove dried mud and sweat.
  • Body brush – a soft-bristled brush used to remove dust, grease, and light dirt.
  • Mane comb – a long-toothed comb used to detangle the mane and tail hairs.

Anna says:

Start your grooming routine with a rubber Curry Comb to loosen the dirt.  Next, use a Dandy Brush to remove the dirt.  Finally a Body Brush puts the finishing touch on the coat. 

Grace says:

The “saddle patch” is the place where the saddle sits on a horse’s back.