Horses have been around a long time. The first known horses roamed through North America over 50 million years ago. This animal was nothing like the horse we know today. You couldn’t ride on this horse, because it was about the size of a small dog.

People have been riding horses for thousands of years! Horses changed the way humans interacted with the world. Once people started riding horses they could travel long distances in a short time. On horseback they could hunt for food more quickly. With a horse, people could carry more crops and do more work. With the help of horses, small kingdoms became large empires. Rulers could command great areas. Languages and culture began to spread, all because of the horse.

Jack says:

The first horse was named the dawn horse. There were many different types of ancient horses, but many died off as the climate changed. In fact all the horses in North America became extinct. The only horses that survived the “Ice Age” lived in Central Asia.

No one knows who was the first person to ride a horse, but around 5,500 years ago horse riding became very popular. Horses became so important and valuable that they were considered sacred. In many cultures when important people died, they were buried with their horses.

Samurai warriors of Japan loved their horses so much that they lived by a code of conduct known as "the way of the horse and bow." This meant each warrior had to know how to shoot a bow and arrow from the back of a speeding horse.

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