Hunt Seat Equitation

In a Hunt Seat Equitation event, riders perform a pattern to show grace and control of their horse along flat ground. It is all about style and position and making something that’s hard look really easy. The riders that keep the best form and move through the courses the most smoothly win. This is an English riding event, but don’t worry… drinking tea is optional!

Grace says:

As a Hunt Seat rider, you must dress in proper English riding attire. Otherwise you can lose valuable points. This includes:

  • Tall, black field or dress boots
  • Beige, tan or gray breeches
  • White or light pastel shirt
  • A black, navy, gray, hunter green, or dark brown hunt coat
  • A ratcatcher, which is not what it sounds like – it’s a show shirt with a stand-up collar that looks like a turtleneck
  • A black ASTM-SEI approved riding helmet with safety harness fastened
  • Dark gloves should be worn, but are not required

So do you already have all these items in your bedroom closet? No worries as new riders build up their riding tack and clothing a little at a time… just like you’ll improve your riding skills a little at a time.