Halter is an event where horses are led past the judges by their lead ropes. This is also called “in hand.” When the horses pass the judges they study each horse carefully. Just as important as the horse is the horseman. This is a competition about style, conformation, breed type, attention to detail, and the communication between horse and owner.

The most important piece of equipment in a halter competition is not the saddle or reins but the comb. Halter horses must look perfect. Horses must stand in a way that shows their own breed’s specific beauty. This is what is known as conformation.

Showmanship is a big part of winning a halter class. This doesn’t mean that you should sing or juggle or anything like that! But it does mean that you must look professional and lead the horse with confidence and poise. And the way you hold the horse’s halter can affect the way the horse moves.