Tennessee Walker

Tennessee Walkers are a popular breed of light horses. Most Tennessee Walking Horses are usually between 4.5 to 5.5 feet (or 14-17 hands) in height. They weigh between 900 to 1200 pounds.

Grace says:

A gait is the name for how animals and humans use their limbs while moving. The walk, trot, canter and gallop are four common horse gaits.

The Tennessee Walking Horse has a gait all its own! It looks like a running walk. The horses bob their heads and swing their ears with every step. You can’t teach a horse to move like a Tennessee Walking Horse. They are true originals. Their gait makes for an easy, gentle ride.

Jack says:

Because of their steady nature and fun gait, Tennessee Walkers are a favorite parade horse. They have been seen in the Super Bowl and in parades before the Indy 500.

Tennessee Walking Horses are named after the state in which they were first bred. Plantation owners needed horses that they could ride for long periods of time. The Tennessee Walker was perfect for the job.

Jack says:

The first Tennessee Walker was born in 1885. His name was Black Allen.

Tennessee Walkers come in a few colors including brown, black, bay, chestnut, roan, palomino, and white. Sometimes Tennessee Walkers have white markings on their legs, body, and face. Their ears are well shaped.

Anna says:

Allen’s Gold Zephyr was a Tennessee Walker who portrayed Roy Rogers beloved horse Trigger in the movies.